Learn to Play

How Do I Get Better?
Advice and suggestions for new (and experienced!) players who want to improve their technique and speed.

Band Camp Guides

This set of guides were originally created for the programme of our March 2022 band camp. You can download the original PDF guide here, but the online guides have extra information and corrections!

TUBS Grids: Reading Rhythms of Resistance Notation
A simple guide to reading the RoR tunesheets.

Drum Care and Tuning
A guide to tuning, caring for, and decorating your instrument.

Sticks, straps, shakers, and earplugs! How to choose or make the other bits and pieces a band needs.

XR Samba-Fusion Essentials

A Google drive of XR Rhythms material, including tunes, how-to guides, pictures, etc. It’s all in here, but it’s a bit chaotic!

Rhythms of Resistance

This is the website of the protest music network that XR Rhythms was inspired by. Here you’ll find loads of resources, including the RoR Player, but be aware that some XR Rhythms bands play the tunes slightly differently as reflected in the XR Rhythms Player.